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Video - My Studio & Process

Watch this 2 min video to get a glimpse inside my
studio and how I create my Modular Action Paintings

A style is born...

Modular Action Paintings

The discovery...

I finally had a large art studio where I could work large but I could only transport medium size to small canvases. At first I was painting conventionally on an easel. Inspiration struck me when I pushed different sized canvases together on the floor like tiles and began painting on them as if they were a large canvas. The first piece I did in this style “Allagash” I started with 7 canvases. Recently I painted 13 canvases simultaneously.

What does Modular Action Painting mean?

The term “Action Painting” was used in the 1950s to describe the paintings of Jackson Pollock, Willem DeKoonig and others. It’s characterized by sweeping brushstrokes and the effects of dripping and spilling paint onto the canvas. The “Modular” term I added refers to the multiple canvases that I paint that add up to the whole. For me the painting is not done after the painting has dried. I play and rearrange the “canvas modules” to tell different stories. I also do not believe there is a final arrangement. Each painted module can be arranged and combined in infinite ways. What is displayed is just one possiblity.

Where can you see my art work?

There are monthly open studios at The Mill Contemporary Art Studio in Framingham, MA. You can also contact me to schedule a studio visit.

Recent Works


Acrylic, Tempera, Beads on Canvas


Acrylic, Pennies on Canvas

"Hard to Explain"

Acrylic, Tempera, Wood Pieces on Canvas

"The Story Never Ends"

Acrylic, Tempera Wood Pieces, Coins on Burlap


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